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The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of Cyprus for statistical purposes.[1] The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union.[2] The NUTS standard is instrumental in delivering the European Union's Structural Funds. The NUTS code for Cyprus is CY and a hierarchy of three levels is established by Eurostat. Cyprus does not have subdivisions covered by the NUTS levels, as the population is small enough to be covered in one level. Below these is a further levels of geographic organisation - the local administrative unit (LAU). In Cyprus, the LAU 1 is districts and the LAU 2 is municipalities.

Overall and NUTS codes

Level Subdivisions # NUTS codes
NUTS 1 1 CY0 Cyprus
NUTS 2 1 CY00 Cyprus
NUTS 3 1 CY000 Cyprus

Local administrative units

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Districts (Eparchies) 6
LAU 2 Municipalities, communities (Dimoi, koinotites) 615

The LAU codes of Cyprus can be downloaded here: [1]Page white excel.png

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