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The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of Estonia for statistical purposes.[1] The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union.[2] The NUTS standard is instrumental in delivering the European Union's Structural Funds. The NUTS code for Estonia is EE and a hierarchy of three levels is established by Eurostat. Below these is a further levels of geographic organisation - the local administrative unit (LAU). In Estonia, the LAU 1 is counties and the LAU 2 are municipalities.


NUTS Codes

Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 1
NUTS 2 1
NUTS 3 Groups of counties (Groups of Maakond) 5

Local administrative units

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Counties (Maakond) 15
LAU 2 Municipalities (Vald, linn) 79

The LAU codes of Estonia can be downloaded here: [1]Page white excel.png

NUTS codes

NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code
Estonia EE0 Estonia EE00 Põhja-Eesti EE001
Lääne-Eesti EE004
Kesk-Eesti EE006
Kirde-Eesti EE007
Lõuna-Eesti EE008


EE0 Estonia
EE00 Estonia
EE001 Põhja-Eesti (Harju County)
EE004 Lääne-Eesti (Hiiu County, Lääne County, Pärnu County, Saare County)
EE006 Kesk-Eesti (Järva County, Lääne-Viru County, Rapla County)
EE007 Kirde-Eesti (Ida-Viru County)
EE008 Lõuna-Eesti (Jõgeva County, Põlva County, Tartu County, Valga County, Viljandi County, Võru County)

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